2017 Family Law Fees

Our rates are structured to give our clients high quality legal service at the lowest possible costs. We believe private representation, especially in family law, should be accessible and affordable. In general, we will require an upfront retainer and bill you hourly. In some cases, we are able to offer flat-fee pricing.  If all else fails, we will provide you with competent referrals so you are not without representation.


30-Minute Mediation Orientation with BOTH Parties Present:  FREE
First-Time Administrative Fee, billed with first session: $300
$500/hour, billed in minimum 3-hour sessions: $1,500
(Document preparation is extra.)


Starts at $3,500.


Starts at $2,500.


For contested divorces, the minimum retainer is $8,000 – $25,000 (depending on the issues in your case), and normal hourly fees ($350 – $500) apply. Costs are the same.

Document Preparation Fees

Law and Mediation Offices of Kelly Chang charges flat fees for preparing documents in uncontested matters and mediations.  Generally, it costs $2,500 to process a divorce without children, and $3,950 to process a divorce with children.  This does not include the filing costs, or a processing fee. The costs are broken down in detail below.

Initial Filing
Petition and Response FL- 100 (no minor children) $500
Petition and Response FL-  120(with minor children) $650
Petition/Response Papers prepared at no extra charge:
Family Law Case Cover Sheet
Summons (FL-110)
UCCJEA Statement (FL-105)
Notice and Acknowledgment of Receipt (FL-117)
Proof of Service
Actual service of papers and copies

Judgment Package:
Judgments (no children) $2,000
Judgments with Parenting Plans $3,300
All Judgment packages include at no extra charge:
Income and Expense Declarations (FL-150)
Schedule of Assets and Debts (FL-142)
Declaration of Disclosures (One for each party) (FL-140)
Request for Default (FL-165)
Appearances, Stipulations and Waivers (FL-130)
Declaration re: Default of Uncontested Divorce (FL-170)
Judgment (FL-180)
Notice of Entry of Judgment (FL-190)
Declaration re: Service of Declaration of Disclosures (FL-141)
Service of papers and copies
Proof of Service
Child Support Case Registry Form
Stipulation for Waiver of Final Declarations of Disclosures
Filling in blanks on Judgment (eg license plates, account numbers) when emailed in advance of any appointment

The fees do not include costs.


Administrative Processing Fee: $300
Initial Filing Fee: $435
Motion Filing Fees: $90 per motion, + $25 post-Judgment motion
Process Server’s Fees: Approximately $75-80 per service
Los Angeles County Court Fee Schedule (Updated 1/1/2016)

Sample fees:
One Mediation Session, No Children + Document Prep:  $5,035
One Mediation Session, With Children + Document Prep: $6,485
Two Mediation Sessions, With Children + Document Prep: $7,985
Three Mediation Sessions, With Children + Document Prep: $9,485

If you have any further questions or need additional information about other Family Law services, please do not hesitate to email office@purposedrivenlawyers.com or call (626) 765-5767.