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Our mission is to provide uncompromised representation in court, around the settlement table, and at home.  I have been a family law attorney for almost 20 years.  I have witnessed the complete destruction caused by litigants and attorneys in family court.  Divorce is NOT a zero-sum game.  Nobody wins.   Even if you “win” one hearing or trial, the bitterness and fighting typically continues…until one or both sides run out of money.  Think I am exaggerating? I encourage you to read this article which painstakingly chronicles what a true divorce looks like.

Many people enter a divorce with the false assumption that the courts will PUNISH the wrong-doer.  Unfortunately, the family courts cannot award revenge.  Judges are confined to the law.  The supported spouse with less income receives support, even if he/she is a despicable cheater and liar.  Even if the divorce is not your fault, you may still have to share custody.  The wrongdoer still has a right to one-half of all community property.  It’s completely understandable to feel angry, frustrated, and helpless when you only end up with 50% of what you previously had together.  After all, you deserve 200%!

Unfortunately, there are lawyers out there who prey off your anger and fear, promising you grandiose results that will never materialize.  Be careful.

When you work with us, we give you our promise to handle your case with purpose. We will review your case with you and provide an honest assessment of what you can expect in your case.  Our goal is to get you past the ugliness of divorce and separation, so you can move on to building a new life.  And – if we are not the right fit for your case, we will work with you to help you find someone who is a good fit.

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