Sterling v. V. Stiviano (See Verified Complaint)

Last year, on March 7, 2014, when Shelly filed the instant lawsuit against Vanessa, many legal pundits and experts scoffed.  There wasn’t a divorce pending – the wife was suing the mistress???!  Outrageous!

Judge Fruin’s ruling is unprecedented.  It will cause stir amongst the gold-digger community – they must be wary that they CAN be sued by the current wife to return property (with interest!!!)

For inquiring minds, Shelly sued Vanessa for 10 causes of action:

1. Set aside of community property without spousal consent;

2. Conversion of Community Property;

3.  Constructive Trust of Community Property;

4.  Common Count for Community Property Had and Received;

5.  Unjust Enrichment;

6.  Accounting of Community Property;

7.  To Quiet Title re: Community Property;

8.  Reformation of Deed;

9.  Declaratory Relief;

10.  Declaration that Gifts of Community Personal Property are Void

The lawsuit is posted here.

Vanessa Stiviano Lawsuit

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