Sterling v. V. Stiviano (See Verified Complaint)

Sterling v. V. Stiviano (See Verified Complaint)

Last year, on March 7, 2014, when Shelly filed the instant lawsuit against Vanessa, many legal pundits and experts scoffed.  There wasn’t a divorce pending – the wife was suing the mistress???!  Outrageous!

Judge Fruin’s ruling is unprecedented.  It will cause stir amongst the gold-digger community – they must be wary that they CAN be sued by the current wife to return property (with interest!!!)

For inquiring minds, Shelly sued Vanessa for 10 causes of action:

1. Set aside of community property without spousal consent;

2. Conversion of Community Property;

3.  Constructive Trust of Community Property;

4.  Common Count for Community Property Had and Received;

5.  Unjust Enrichment;

6.  Accounting of Community Property;

7.  To Quiet Title re: Community Property;

8.  Reformation of Deed;

9.  Declaratory Relief;

10.  Declaration that Gifts of Community Personal Property are Void

The lawsuit is posted here.

Vanessa Stiviano Lawsuit

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