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Due to the busy nature of our practice, we do not currently offer free legal advice or initial consultations.

If you and your spouse are seeking mediation, we do offer a complimentary mediation orientation if BOTH of you attend.  If you hire us to be your mediator, we cannot thereafter represent either of you.

We do offer a wealth of information on our two blogs.  Yes, we have TWO!  Our ORIGINAL BLOG (started in 2005!) as well as our VERSION 2.0.  There, you can find useful information, such as “What is Divorce and the 10-year Rule?” and “Is It Against the Law to Cheat?“, as well as “Breastfeeding and Custody“, and “Surviving Holidays Without your Children“.  You can easily enter your query, such as “Domestic Violence and Custody”, or “Watts and Epstein” and hopefully the posts that pop up will enlighten you.

We always have compassionate and courteous staff who will listen to you when you call.  However, office staff are not attorneys, and do not offer legal advice.

If you require a detailed analysis of your case, you may book a consultation below, or call our office to schedule.

If you wish to schedule a consult, please take the time to complete our Intake Form.   The information in your Intake Form will help us prepare the information you need before you come in – such as calculations for spousal support or child support, or assess whether or not a modification has merit.  For your in-person consult, you will want to bring in any and all court orders, pleadings, and any information about your finances.  We ask that you do not bring children, or 3rd parties to the consult.  (There may be exceptions – but please let us know in advance.)

Please take a moment to complete this form and submit consult fee. Upon submission, someone will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a consult.

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