Past Firm News, 2011

* December 2011 – Kelly’s advice on “How to Protect Yourself From Insurance Revenge.”

* September 2011Kelly Chang Rickert on Los Angeles Magazine’s List of Top Female Attorneys in Southern California.

* August 2011Kelly Chang Rickert emphasizes importance of Joint Custody.

* July 2011Kelly Chang Rickert shares her experiences as a Judge Pro Tem, featured in SuperLawyer’s Article, “The Robe“.

* June 2011Kelly Chang Rickert in SuperLawyers 2011.

* March 2011Kelly Chang Rickert discusses the legality of cruise-ship weddings in the Chicago Tribune.

* February 2011 – Why is Valentine’s Day a big day for divorce? Kelly Chang Rickert explains to the New York Post.

* January 2011 – Happy New Year! NPR’s Marketplace Money interviews Kelly Chang Rickert in “Financially Preparing for a Divorce”.

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