Man Hits Jackpot Months After Divorce

Man hits jackpot months after divorce.  His wife (currently paying him alimony) isn’t legally entitled to the winnings, but she is now able to terminate her spousal support (yay!).  She needs to immediately file a motion to modify/terminate her spousal support because the current order continues to run until it has been replaced by the new order.

He purchased the ticket with separate funds after the divorce.  The community has already been divided.  There is no claim for omitted or undisclosed assets; nor there is a claim for “bad timing”.

Sure, marriage is suppose to be “for better or for worse”. But we don’t know why left who.  She supported him for 15 years.  I think he should kick her a few million here or there.  It may not be the LEGAL thing to do, but it’s the MORAL thing. Take the high road!


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