Limited Scope Representation – Unbundled Legal Services

Limited Scope

Limited Scope Representation

Limited scope representation (also known as “unbundled legal services”) allows you to hire an attorney only for the specific areas that you need, rather than being hired to handle the whole case.  The benefits are that you can control your legal costs by self-handling the areas that you are capable of, and hiring an attorney in the areas where you need help.

Some examples of limited scope representation:

  • Being a legal advisor in your divorce – such as a consulting attorney while you are in mediation;
  • Assess legal and financial needs;
  • Review and draft summary letters;
  • Monitoring progress of your divorce;
  • Helping you negotiate a settlement;
  • Helping you write/file legal documents;
  • Obtaining temporary child or spousal support;
  • Helping you with disclosures.
  • Appearing in court for a single court appearance pre or post-Judgment to help obtain child/spousal support.

The above tasks are “pay-as-you-go”, and you only pay a retainer upfront for the specific task you wish to hire us for.  It’s more affordable than full representation, and  you get to choose.