China Forces Couples to Take Quiz Before Divorce

China Forces Couples to Take Quiz Before Divorce

Due to the rising rates of divorce in China, the government is stepping in  – and mandating couple take divorce quizzes.  Leave it to China to force couples to take tests before anything – even divorce!

Apparently, if you score too high on a divorce quiz, the Court can deny your divorce.  The quizzes are composed of short-answers such as “When is your spouse’s birthday?” “When is your mother-in-law’s birthday?”

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Loses Custody

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Loses Custody

I was asked to speak about this yesterday on Access Hollywood.  At first, I was hesitant, because I honestly don’t think there should a television show highlighting the shortcomings of a teenage mother.  Being a mother is hard enough – mocking her on television is awful.  There are rumors of her pulling out a gun in front of her 8-year-old when someone rear-ended her.  Rumors that her current husband shot the family dog. 

Facebook Rantings Protected by Free Speech

Facebook Rantings Protected by Free Speech

If you are involved in a nasty divorce/custody case, common sense should override your itching desire to post it on Facebook.  I have no idea why people do this!  It is immature, low-class, and just plain dumb.  Nobody cares you’re involved in a nasty divorce/custody battle.  And the only ones who do care about you would advise you of the same – keep it OFF social media.

However, in an interesting recent case,

False Abuse Allegations And Consequences on Child Custody

False Abuse Allegations and Consequences on Child Custody

In this #metoo era, there is an increasing class of victims: the wrongfully accused.  If you’ve been falsely accused, there isn’t much that can be done to remedy your loss of reputation, mental and emotional distress.  HOWEVER, in child custody cases, because false abuse allegations are so rampant, the Legislature has enacted laws dealing with this area.

Have you been falsely accused of abuse by your former spouse? 

How to Get Attorneys’ Fees in your Family Law Case

Most of you are aware that if you do not have ready access to funds to hire an attorney in your divorce, perhaps you can have the Court order your spouse to pay them.  That would be Family Code 2030.  and Family Code 2032.

What if it’s a parentage case?  Try Family Code 3121.

In most cases, these awards are MANDATORY, i.e., the statute says, “The court SHALL make findings”,

Amazon Divorce: Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos Tweet Terms of Settlement

Amazon Divorce Settled!

Today, I googled “Jeff Bezos net worth”, and the internet has him at 150 Billion.  That’s $150,000,000,000.

Mackenzie apparently took 25% of Amazon shares, worth about $35 billion (note, on the surface, this is NOT an equal division of assets).

How did the richest couple in the world reach such a quick settlement, with the cheated-on spouse accepting less than half her share??!?!  This divorce had all the ingredients of a salacious,