Appreciating Your Spouse

Appreciating your spouse

This morning, I had three (3) initial consultations.  This took me from 9 – 1 pm.  As an aside, my initial consultations are very thorough.  It is a time to discuss all the issues in the divorce, and for me to carefully educate you on the law and the procedure of family law.  It is not a time where I pretend to be a therapist – because I am NOT a licensed therapist.  Personally, I take my consultation time very seriously and thus,

Cursed Wedding Rings and Sufferings

I heard this great story on the radio today about a cursed wedding ring.  The cynic in me usually laughing jokes about ALL wedding rings being cursed – in fact, my favorite joke is  – “How many rings are there in a marriage?  THREE.  Engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffer-ing”

But this story supports my theory!  After his divorce, Captain Jason Rose, (a fisherman whose wife never supported his fishing hobby), zip-tied his ring to to a steelhead trout and threw it overboard). 

Michigan Man Who Won Lottery During Divorce Must Share

Michigan Man Who Won Lottery During Divorce Must Share

A Michigan court ordered a man who won the Mega Millions lottery (30 million) in 2013 to share with his wife because it ain’t over until it’s over.  At the time he purchased his ticket, he was already separated from his wife for over 2 years (separated since 2011).  His divorce wasn’t finalized until 2018.

While I am usually of the opinion that California is a terrible state to get divorced for the in-spouse (very high child support and spousal support guidelines,

Divorce Misconceptions Don’t Be Fooled By Divorce Myths

Divorce Misconceptions:  Don’t be fooled by divorce myths!

People who watch too much Law and Order or other TV show seem to think they know it all about law and divorce.  But they’re wrong!  Don’t ever believe any of these myths.

  1.  Moms always get custody of children.  Actually, Family Code 3020(b) states,” The Legislature finds and declares that it is the public policy of this state to ensure that children have frequent and continuing contact with both parents after the parents have separated or dissolved their marriage….”

Andy Grammer Saves Marriage: “BE OF SERVICE to your spouse”

Andy Grammer Saves Marriage: BE OF SERVICE to your spouse.  This morning, and every morning, on my way to work, I listen to KOST 103.5.  Today, some man told Ellen K that his marriage of 18 years has “grown cold”.

Andy Grammer – the excellent singer who taught us how to stave off temptation in his music video, “Honey, I’m Good” gave the guy this advice, “Be of service to your spouse, and see what happens.”

Argentina Judge Awards Housewife $187,000 For Value of Housework in Divorce

Argentina Judge awards Housewife $187,000 for value of housework in Divorce.

Finally! Some smart Judge in Argentina, Judge Victoria Farma, recognizes the value of a clean house and food on the table.  In a landmark decision, Judge Farma awarded 8 million pesos to a 70-year-old divorcing woman, for the value of her taking care of the home for 30 years during the marriage.  ($178,000 USD).  The Judge noted the woman gave up her career in Economics to stay home and maintain a home.