Shelly Sterling Wins

In a monumental ruling, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Richard Fruin ordered V. Stiviano (Donald’s alleged mistress) to return over 2.6 million worth of gifts back to the Sterling Family Trust.

This is an incredible ruling – it sets a precedent that a financially-injured spouse can recover against a MISTRESS in civil court for damages resulting from these wasted funds and “gifts”.  Previously, you can only sue your spouse in family court for breach of fidiciuary duties- now you can go directly against the MISTRESS in civil court!

Technology and Restraining Orders

Technology Tuesday.  What better day to discuss an increasing phenomenon called Cyberstalking?  Restraining orders used to conjure up images of battered women with black-eyes, and bruised lips, quivering in the corner, forbidden from leaving.  While this still does happen (unfortunately), the world has changed and what’s more common these days in Family Law cases is “cyber” or “technostalking”, which is abuse in any of the following forms:

– Sending unwanted texts/emails;

– Hacking into someone’s emails;

If Jessica Simpson’s Entire Prenup is Thrown Out…

…Everything she earns during the short marriage would be community property!  Kelly Chang Rickert quoted in this week’s Life and Style.

KCR Jessica Simpson Divorce 2

New York Court Allows Service of Divorce Papers via Facebook

Certified Family Law Specialist Kelly Chang Rickert discusses how technology is affecting marriage and divorce in the 21st century.  Court allows service of divorce papers by Facebook. Social media cheating clauses in prenups.

Kelly Chang Rickert Quoted by Hollywood Life on Khloe/Lamar Divorce!

“Khloe likely received a notice from the court, which states unless something is done to further her case, it will be dismissed. Since the divorce was never finalized, once the case is dismissed, they will need to refile for divorce to start the process again. In the meantime, they will remain married,” Kelly Chang Rickert, Certified Family Law Specialist tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Kelly Chang Rickert Quoted by HollywoodLife on Bruce and Kris Jenner’s Divorce

“California is a Community Property state,” Kelly Chang Rickert, Certified Family Law Specialist tells”Unless you have a prenup that states otherwise, Everything acquired during marriage, before date of separation, is community, and in a divorce, shall be divided 50-50,”

Kelly goes on to explain even further: “Here, Kris and Bruce divided up their property, including bank accounts, brokerage accounts, vehicles, sky miles, houses, tax refunds, etc. It looks like after the division, Kris got MORE in community assets than Bruce.