Sofia Vergara’s Ex Sues Her to Protect Frozen Embryos

The beautiful “Modern Family” star is once again in the news, this time for a lawsuit filed by her ex-fiance Nick Loeb for their frozen embryos.  Apparently, they had planned to have children together, and created frozen embryos with Nick’s sperm and Sofia’s eggs.  Some were unsuccessfully implanted in her.  There are 2 that left, frozen in the bank.  Nick is suing Sofia and the embryonic bank for “custody” of the embryos, and against the “destruction” of them.

Nick and Sofia had previously agreed that in the event of either’s death,

Attorney Kelly Chang Rickert Discusses Sterling Ruling on KABC Talk Radio

Wife scores!!!  Gold-diggers, you’re all going down.  Listen to Jillian Barberie interview Certified Family Law Specialist Kelly Chang Rickert on the Sterling v. Stiviano ruling.


Sterling v. V. Stiviano (See Verified Complaint)

Last year, on March 7, 2014, when Shelly filed the instant lawsuit against Vanessa, many legal pundits and experts scoffed.  There wasn’t a divorce pending – the wife was suing the mistress???!  Outrageous!

Judge Fruin’s ruling is unprecedented.  It will cause stir amongst the gold-digger community – they must be wary that they CAN be sued by the current wife to return property (with interest!!!)

For inquiring minds, Shelly sued Vanessa for 10 causes of action:


Shelly Sterling Wins

In a monumental ruling, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Richard Fruin ordered V. Stiviano (Donald’s alleged mistress) to return over 2.6 million worth of gifts back to the Sterling Family Trust.

This is an incredible ruling – it sets a precedent that a financially-injured spouse can recover against a MISTRESS in civil court for damages resulting from these wasted funds and “gifts”.  Previously, you can only sue your spouse in family court for breach of fidiciuary duties- now you can go directly against the MISTRESS in civil court!

Technology and Restraining Orders

Technology Tuesday.  What better day to discuss an increasing phenomenon called Cyberstalking?  Restraining orders used to conjure up images of battered women with black-eyes, and bruised lips, quivering in the corner, forbidden from leaving.  While this still does happen (unfortunately), the world has changed and what’s more common these days in Family Law cases is “cyber” or “technostalking”, which is abuse in any of the following forms:

– Sending unwanted texts/emails;

– Hacking into someone’s emails;

If Jessica Simpson’s Entire Prenup is Thrown Out…

…Everything she earns during the short marriage would be community property!  Kelly Chang Rickert quoted in this week’s Life and Style.

KCR Jessica Simpson Divorce 2