Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Our Obsession with Divorce as Punishment


Brad Pitt Divorce!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, aka #Brangelina is no longer!!!  Yesterday (on a manic Monday, no less), Angelina Jolie filed FL-100(Petition for Dissolution), which will be served on Brad Pitt.

As I opened Facebook today (my source for morning news), my feed was inundated with news about this split.  it overshadowed the bombings that just occurred in New York, Russian planes bombing, and even the election.

Who’s Your Daddy?


In its Big Brother way, California has historically always favored “conclusive presumptions of paternity”, that is, when a mother is married and living with her husband (who is neither impotent or sterile) at time of conception, her husband is conclusively presumed to be the child’s father.  EVEN though he may NOT be the child’s biological father.  This law is written in Family Code section 7540.

Thus, historically, it would SUCK for an unwed father if the mother was married –

Why is my divorce taking so long?


Divorce taking too long!

Technology has created monsters with no patience.  Just yesterday, at a Stop Sign, a woman no younger than 90! flipped me the bird, because I was trying to parallel park.  The light in front of me was red.  “You’re taking too f’cking long!” she growled at me.  Ok – so I am an Asian driver and my skills at parallel parking are next to none – but still,

Kelly Chang Rickert Quoted in OK! Magazine on Potential George and Amal Split!!!


A source says that when George and Amal bought their mansion in the English countryside (far right), she hoped it would become their home base.  But renovations have dragged on for so long that they’re now thinking of selling it – just as George is rumored to be doing with two of his most beloved homes, in Italy and Mexico.  Kelly Chang Rickert, a Hollywood divorce lawyer,

What to Expect When You Have to Go to Court

Courtroom drama makes for good TV.  Whenever I hear the all-t00-familiar “Duh Duh” tone of Law and Order, my heart skips a beat.  (Incidentally, I learned courtroom procedure from Law and Order.  True story.)

Exciting as it may be, courtroom drama does not belong in Family Law.  I will be the first to say it – the courtroom is NOT where you want to resolve your family law issues.  You are not suing Walmart for your slip and fall.