Donald Sterling Files for Divorce after 60 years of marriage

Reporter Brittney Hopper interviews Certified Family Law Specialist Kelly Chang Rickert

Star Magazine Interviews Kelly Chang Rickert about Flay/March Divorce

Kelly Chang on Star Magazine Bobby Flay

Star Magazine quotes Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer Kelly Chang
Star Magazine quotes Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer Kelly Chang

I was interviewed by Star Magazine for their June 15, 2015 issue about Bobby Flay and Stephanie March.

Avvo and Kelly Chang Rickert Discuss Social Media and Law Practice in 21st Century

I will be speaking at this program.  CLE credit!

6/15 – 21st Century Practice: Using Social Media To Make Your Practice

Posted by Beverly Hills Bar Association on Thursday, June 4, 2015

21st Century Lawyer Marketing

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Prenups

My prenup appears in this month’s Legal Ink Magazine.  Check it out here!

My Take on Gossip Girl’s Custody Case

By now, we’ve all heard about Kelly Rutherford’s custody battles (and subsequent bankruptcies due to never-ending mounting attorneys’ fees).  Recently, Kelly was granted temporary custody of her children.  She was able to fly them back to California (away from Monaco, where they have resided with father Daniel Giersch for the past 3 years!), pending the hearing on June 15.

Why would that be?  Custody is quite often a never-ending battle.  The person who may have “won” a hearing resulting in a court order lasting 3 years for the children to be in Monaco –

Epstein and Watts in Divorce

Epstein Credits Watts Charges

Epstein credits and Watts charges. Divorce lawyers love using words like “Moore-Marsden”, “Gavron”, and “Epstein” and “Watts”.

Generally, they are referring to cases which have ruled on certain topics.  For example, if you own a home, you may have heard you and your ex’s attorneys arguing over “Watts” and “Epstein” credits and charges.  This article is for you!

Watts and Epstein credits/charges refer to reimbursements due at property division.