Missouri Appeals Court Rules Embryos are Property, NOT Life

Once again, another Court in a embryo custody dispute, has ruled against the party wanting to keep the embryos.

Warning: This area of law is highly sensitive and controversial, and you should probably not read this blog post if you are easily triggered.

The Missouri Appeals court ruled that the frozen embryos were joint property, and requires the consent of both parties in order to be implanted.  The parties are ex-wife McQueen (age 44) and ex-husband Gadberry (age 34).  

Kelly Chang Rickert, CFLS, appears on Entertainment Tonight re: Brangelina Custody Battle

In a nutshell, “something” happened on the plane, and “someone” called in the Department of Child and Family Services, and suddenly Angie filed for divorce, and DCFS started an abuse investigation on the family. (or just Brad – we don’t know).

What exactly is abuse?  It’s defined here on the DCFS website, and yes, it can definitely be VERBAL abuse, if pattern and damages occur.

In the meantime, the kids are to live with Jolie,

Brad and Angelina’s Custody Battle – Certified Family Law Specialist Kelly Chang Rickert

What’s going on?  Jolie filed a Petition, checking the custody box for her, and visitation box for Brad.  Brad filed a Response (within the 30 days), checking joint custody box.

Date of Separation and Family Code 70: What is it?


On Saturday, October 1, 2016,  at the annual California State Bar Convention, Ritzel and I had the honor of presenting a legal seminar on a new law coming in effect January 1, 2017, passed by SB 1255.  This new law deals with the date of separation in Family Law.

First of all, why does it matter?  The general answer is, in family law, EVERYTHING matters.  Even the kitchen sink!  The date of separation can affect many things,

Kelly Chang Rickert Quoted in Star Magazine on Brangelina’s Divorce

The real battle, however, will be over their kids.  “If both of them are levelheaded and have the children’s best interests at heart, they would work out a physical custody-sharing plan in private,“, L.A.-based divorce attorney Kelly Chang Rickert tells Star.  “But if Angie uses Brad’s alleged child abuse against him – even though one instance of him ‘spanking’ would not make him an abuser –