Janet Jackson’s Peaceful Divorce Disappoints Media and Divorce Lawyers

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Jackson has reportedly filed for divorce against her husband of 5 years, Wissam Al Mana.  There are a number of reasons reported, including “cultural differences”.  The couple have one son together, Eissa, who was born January 3, 2017 (3 months old!)

As usual, the press is quick to sniff out blood (sex and violence sells!),

I Forgot to Change My Last Name! FL-395 to the Rescue

My office processes a lot of divorce judgments.  In all shapes and sizes.  The other day, my client called to tell me she forgot she wanted to restore her maiden name.

Usually, we request this in Judicial Council Form FL-180.  But what happens if you forgot?

Have no fear, FL-395 is here!

First, remember, you have a right to adopt any name you want, as long as it is not for the intent to defraud or intentionally confuse.  

Kelly and Kimberly Yates: 2 Missing Children Taken from Dad by Mom 30 years ago are Located

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This morning, CNN Headline News asked me to opine on the Yates case.  What an amazing story!

In 1985, Russell and Elaine Yates were married, with 2 children, Kelly (10 months old) and Kimberly Yates (3 years old).   Russell was a royal jerk.  He cheated on her NUMEROUS times.  

Patton v. Thicke, LASC BD 609 292: Patton ex parte denied

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Yesterday, Paula went to court on an ex parte application to modify custody based on Robin’s alleged “spanking” of their 6-year-old-son Julian.  So does the law allow you to spank as punishment?  Absolutely!  Studies (and more importantly, common sense) have repeatedly shown that DISCIPLINE is good for children.  Children need to have boundaries.

Interestingly enough,

Brad and Angie’s Custody Battle -It’s ON!


For inquiring minds, this blog post contains ALL the relevant filed documents in the case.  Just click away!

The world’s most famous couple is caught up in a major custody battle.  Previously, while Brad was under DCFS investigation, he signed a stipulation-regarding-custody.

After he was cleared, his has wanted increased visitation time.  Unfortunately, Angie’s team has been relcuctant to back away from the previously entered Stipulation.

The Stipulation had a Confidentiality clause which stated that the Stipulation would NOT be filed except for enforcement purposes.