Kelly and Kimberly Yates: 2 Missing Children Taken from Dad by Mom 30 years ago are Located

Family Law Attorney Kelly Chang Rickert Discusses the Kidnapping of Kimberly and Kelly Yates from Kelly Chang Rickert on Vimeo.
This morning, CNN Headline News asked me to opine on the Yates case.  What an amazing story!

In 1985, Russell and Elaine Yates were married, with 2 children, Kelly (10 months old) and Kimberly Yates (3 years old).   Russell was a royal jerk.  He cheated on her NUMEROUS times.  

Patton v. Thicke, LASC BD 609 292: Patton ex parte denied

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Yesterday, Paula went to court on an ex parte application to modify custody based on Robin’s alleged “spanking” of their 6-year-old-son Julian.  So does the law allow you to spank as punishment?  Absolutely!  Studies (and more importantly, common sense) have repeatedly shown that DISCIPLINE is good for children.  Children need to have boundaries.

Interestingly enough,

Brad and Angie’s Custody Battle -It’s ON!


For inquiring minds, this blog post contains ALL the relevant filed documents in the case.  Just click away!

The world’s most famous couple is caught up in a major custody battle.  Previously, while Brad was under DCFS investigation, he signed a stipulation-regarding-custody.

After he was cleared, his has wanted increased visitation time.  Unfortunately, Angie’s team has been relcuctant to back away from the previously entered Stipulation.

The Stipulation had a Confidentiality clause which stated that the Stipulation would NOT be filed except for enforcement purposes.  

Missouri Appeals Court Rules Embryos are Property, NOT Life

Once again, another Court in a embryo custody dispute, has ruled against the party wanting to keep the embryos.

Warning: This area of law is highly sensitive and controversial, and you should probably not read this blog post if you are easily triggered.

The Missouri Appeals court ruled that the frozen embryos were joint property, and requires the consent of both parties in order to be implanted.  The parties are ex-wife McQueen (age 44) and ex-husband Gadberry (age 34).