Different Considerations in Representing In-Spouse and Out-Spouse

Different Considerations Representing In-Spouse and Out-Spouses in Divorce

In the 20 years I have been a family law, I have represented thousands of clients.  There are many ways to divide them (paying v. non-paying, grateful v. ingrate, rude v. kind), but for this post, I will divide them into “in-spouses” and “out-spouses”.

An “in-spouse” in a divorce is the one “in the know” about the finances of the marriage.  Some people refer to this as the “breadwinner”,

Wise Custody Judges And Their Views on Custody

Wise Custody Judges And Their Views on Custody

If you are involved in a custody battle, I hope this post will shine a new light on your situation.  In a custody battle, the parties involved are for the most part – angry and bitter and their instinct is to destroy the other side, playing as dirty as possible.

My advice?  Don’t.



The very first custody battle in history was taught in Sunday School. 

Humility over Hubris In Divorce

Humility Over Hubris in Divorce

The other day my friend Theresa used the word “hubris” to describe a real estate transaction.  Basically, I’ve been eye-ing this one little house for 6 months.  It was first listed at $650,000.  Then, every 1-2 weeks, it would drop 7-10%, all the way down to $580,000.  Finally, it went on the MLS as a rental.  Sensing some seller desperation, I emailed the contact on the MLS listing.  I saw it.  It’s a tiny little house –

Oklahoma Supreme Court Rules Non-Biological Same-Sex Parents Have Complete Parity

Oklahoma Supreme Court Rules Non-Biological Same-Sex Parents Have Complete Parity with Biological Parents.

In an almost unanimous ruling (8-1), the Oklahoma Supreme Court Ruled today non-bio same-sex parents may attain complete parity with bio-parents.

Lori and Heather, a same-sex couple, built and shared a life together in the ten or so years before Oklahoma recognized marriages between two people of the same sex.  In the course of their committed relationship, they started a family together through assisted reproduction. 

Appreciating Your Spouse

Appreciating your spouse

This morning, I had three (3) initial consultations.  This took me from 9 – 1 pm.  As an aside, my initial consultations are very thorough.  It is a time to discuss all the issues in the divorce, and for me to carefully educate you on the law and the procedure of family law.  It is not a time where I pretend to be a therapist – because I am NOT a licensed therapist.  Personally, I take my consultation time very seriously and thus,

Cursed Wedding Rings and Sufferings

I heard this great story on the radio today about a cursed wedding ring.  The cynic in me usually laughing jokes about ALL wedding rings being cursed – in fact, my favorite joke is  – “How many rings are there in a marriage?  THREE.  Engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffer-ing”

But this story supports my theory!  After his divorce, Captain Jason Rose, (a fisherman whose wife never supported his fishing hobby), zip-tied his ring to to a steelhead trout and threw it overboard).